January 6, 2010

Your Word Is Eternal

"Your Word, O Lord, is eternal;
it stands firm in the heavens.
Your faithfulness continues through
all generations;
you established the earth, and it endures."
Psalm 119:89-90

The more I read Psalm 119, the more it is becoming one of my favorite Psalms. It is so rich!

These two verses speak about the absoluteness of God's Word; its authority. God's Word is eternal. There is nothing else that matters.

I think about the confusion there is here on earth. I was struck again last night about the lostness of people. What are people, without Christ, living their lives for? They walk around attempting to appear "happy" as they strive for more; to achieve the next step in their career, to be able to buy the newest toys, to go on that next fabulous vacation they feel they deserve.
As I get to know the Father more and more, I am reminded over and over again of the purpose of this life on earth. That is, to bring Him glory and honor. To recognize that nothing is how it is without Him. Every breath I breathe comes from Him; every gift I have has been given to me by Him. Every difficulty in my life has been allowed by Him.

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