January 7, 2010

A Meeting Is Ahead!

We are excited to be able to meet people from the Canadian Mission Aviation Fellowship Headquarters this weekend. Their headquarters are located in Guelph, Ontario, so we have been communicating with them via email and phone for the past 11 months. Has it really been 11 months since we initially sent in our application? Wow. This meeting is exciting for us because we hope to find answers to some of our pressing questions in these early stages of this adventure. Many of them are logistical and would not change our minds about continuing with MAF, but we are still curious to know certain things. It would definitely help us to plan a few details over the next couple of months here at home, and help us to anticipate the next steps with MAF. Up until now, the application process has been fairly straight forward; filling out paperwork, having interviews and assessments. I have a feeling the next steps will require more faith. :)

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