January 25, 2010

Old But New Recipe for Laundry

After doing some extensive online research for homemade laundry soaps, I have found the following mixture to be the most common. I would imagine this recipe originated from a couple generations ago. It combines age-old simple ingredients to create a detergent that leaves clothes clean and smelling fresh.

I have tested this recipe in my HE front loading washing machine, on cold, warm, and hot cycles, and it seems to work just fine. It is low sudsing, so it happens to be perfect for these water efficient machines.

I have tossed my husband's grubby clothes in the laundry, after he has spent the day in our muddy musty crawl space, and they seemed to wash out just fine with the homemade detergent.

My daughter's receiving blankets came out white and smelling fresh! Goodbye sour spit-up smell! In fact, many websites I visited used this recipe to wash babies cloth diapers in. So I was convinced it was powerful enough for my family's clothes.

Not only is this detergent effective and green, it is CHEAP! After calculating the per load costs, we're looking at spending $.05 per load versus $.18 per load on a commercial detergent.
Benefits of homemade laundry soap:
  • Cheaper $0.05/per load
  • Less chemicals/fillers
  • Easy to make
  • Green (safe on septic-systems)

Homemade Laundry Soap Recipe:

1/2 Cup Washing Soda
1/2 Cup Borax
1 Bar of Ivory Soap, grated

Use 1 TB per load.

I used Arm & Hammer washing soda I found at Superstore in the laundry soap section. Any pure bar soap can be used. While I was looking at Superstore, I saw Sunlight brand bar soap in the laundry section as well. It was very expensive though.

Happy laundering!

(Wow, looks like my linens are need of re-organizing, doesn't it!?)

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Amanda said...

Yay! Thank you for posting this and being so responsible to find chemical-free alternatives for your family.

I think I'll check our little organic store for washing soda. I don't know where else I'd get it.

Thank you! You are truly an amazing and excellent friend!