December 4, 2009

Enjoying the Sun While Indoors

The sun has been shining this week, but it has been cold! Faith keeps telling me it is warm outside because the sun is out! In hopes that she can put on one of her spring/summer dresses. We are so thankful for the sun, but Faith, it is not warm enough for those little dresses right now! It was thrilling to be able to take a brisk walk with three children and a dog on Monday morning. Exciting, because it was the first time I had even attempted a bit of aerobic exercise since baby arrived, and exhilarating to be able to enjoy the crisp fresh air!
We spend a lot of time coloring, drawing, reading, and listening to music indoors these days. Even Wes is getting involved in the creativity. It is so exciting to see him eager to be at the table with us.
What kinds of indoor activities are you doing with your children to pass these cool wintry months?

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Amanda said...

knitting! Sewing! Christmas Decorating!