October 13, 2009

Our Backyard

The renovations continue and there is always progress being made. Unfortunately, it looks like a pile of rubble and chaos right now, but I've learned that renos usually involve a lot of that!
Rob just fininshed demolishing his shop yesterday and this is what is left of it. A pile of wood and some broken up cement. He tore down this workshop to make room for the new garage that will be built on the right side of the house. It will be double long, so the back half of it will be used as workspace.
The other pictures here are ones of our back deck. Our BBQ is very crowded by stuff right now, but the weather has changed I doubt we'll be doing much BBQing in the near future. That is the mini-excavator in the background that Rob purchased earlier in the summer. My deep freeze is also tucked away on the right in the third photo.
I don't imagine we'll be using our hottub anytime soon as the scaffolding is set up there waiting for Rob to put the shingles up. I should mention having the scaffolding there wouldn't be the only thing stopping us from using the hottub. The baby will be born soon!

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Amanda said...

Lookin good! You're a very patient mommy and wife!:)

Melissa-Ann said...

Hey, When is the baby due?
Good on you for being such a patient wife with all that going on in your house.