July 7, 2009

Prayer Journal Inspirations

In reading some other peoples' blogs this week, I was inspired to make my prayer journal a priority once again. It is such a powerful tool in my spiritual walk. Not only does a prayer journal help focus my devotional time, but it's a tangible way for me to see God working in my life and in others' lives!

As my daughter and other children grow, I want to instill in them the power of prayer, and I was excited to see how making a family prayer journal may help to encourage them in cultivating their own prayer life.

I fixed up my current spiritual journal and divided it into sections:
1. Immediate Family (Rob, Faith, Wes, baby)
2. Extended Family (Mother-in-law, my parents, siblings, Rob's siblings, Grandparents)
3. Church (Leadership & Pastor, General Body/Membership Requests
4. Friends
5. Unsaved/Needing Spiritual Growth contacts
6. Missions (Seeds of Hope & our Sponsor child, MAF & our endeavor, teams & individuals on missions trips from our local church)

I tried to locate pictures of each family member, including those family Christmas card photos we get in the mail each year, and taped a photo on each individual/family's page.

Now this prayer journal is not going to be filled with long written out prayers (as I've done in past). This one will be all point form or Scriptures pertaining to each person/family. I would like to try and pray through a page or two a day (or perhaps even a section a day). I will show answered prayer items by highlighting those points and writing in the date. Wouldn't it be neat to flip through this months/years later and see waves of yellow all through it?

Perhaps I've inspired/encouraged somebody out there to deepen their prayer life once again, or to start making it a priority. Remember, it doesn't matter what format we use, as long as we're communing with our heavenly Father.

If you're into scrapbooking or digital scrapbooking or just want to get those creative juices flowing in some way, you should check out Legacy Prayer Journals. This lady has put together kits of templates you can purchase and fill out yourself in a scrapbook theme way. Another neat little idea I found was a DIY {kid's prayer journal}.


Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

i've just been encouraged to start thinking about my prayer life more, too!

i just read somewhere that you can tell how much you care for others by the amount of time you spend praying for them...ouch...i needed that!

thanks for the Cloth Diapering encouragement!

Melissa-Ann said...

nice site update.
We'll be moving to the island in a month.
Very happy to come "home"...