July 16, 2009

My Kefir Grains

My kefir has finally graduated to a larger jar. This is very exciting for me because it means my grains are growing and I can make more kefir at a time!

My good friend was able to get a hold of some kefir grains from her friend, and so she shared some with me. That was about a month ago now, and it seems my grains are finally starting to grow as they should be.

If you have never heard of kefir than head over to this website and read all about it, or just google it and you'll get lots of information on it.

The short story: kefir is similar to yogurt. It is a fermented product jam packed with pro-biotics that actually colonize in your intestinal tract keeping you balanced and giving you a jump start on heading off any salmonella or E. Coli.

Other quick facts:
  • It helps the digestion of lactose
  • Easy to digest - good for babies and elderly
  • Promotes healthy immune function
  • It's rich in vitamins
  • It may help to prevent breast cancer
  • Rich in Tryptophen
  • Relieves constipation - promotes regularity
  • Protects urinary tract & prostate
  • Controls cholesterol

Definitely do your own research too when thinking about adding different foods to your diet!

Have you ever had kefir? Honestly, I find it difficult to down on its own because of the strong flavor, but it's great in smoothies! In fact, you'd hardly even know you used kefir instead of yogurt or another milk product.

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Melissa-Ann said...

Yes, Kefir is SUPER good for you. People do not get enough fermented foods anymore since everything is so over processed.
neat that you are making it yourself.