July 21, 2009

Biblical Womanhood - 30 Day Challenge

In a culture where there is so much gender confusion and lack of knowing what the Bible says about our life and how we're to live, here's a challenge I'm encouraging women out there to embrace!

Many of you know how Nancy Leigh DeMoss' ministry, Revive Our Hearts, has encouraged me. Every now and then she hosts different challenges, and this one looks just as good as previous ones.

What is God's created design and mission for our lives?
How can we truly reflect the beauty and heart of Christ to those around us?
How can we pass the baton of truth on to the next generation?

So check out the True Woman Manifesto and the 30 day True Woman Make-over challenge that follows after it.


Renee said...

You are the first person I've come across who also took the 30-day challenge. I took the challenge back in March. I'm trying to host a True Woman bible study in my church. Trying to generate interest right now. I'm so excited to meet you. I just started my blog today and found your site through Tot School.

Karina said...

I am so encouraged to hear about your desire to start a True Woman Bible study at your church. The ladies in my church have been so blessed in studying the Word through Revive Our Hearts' ministry. In September we will be starting the series on The Life of Joshua.

Tot School has been so much fun for me and my daughter. Unfortunately, I haven't been too committed to posting links onto the Tot School website. I have recently purchased preschool curriculum from Sonlight and we are enjoying many different types of books that way. As well, a big focus in my home has been teaching practical homekeeping skills (age appropriate, of course).

I hope you visit again :)

Renee said...

Thats great to hear about the impact Revive Our Hearts Ministries has had in your church. Riley's homekeeping skills right now consist of helping me put clothes in and out of the dryer, helping me to make meals (when age appropriate!). Her attention span is rather short right now and she doesn't always want to to it! Therefore, she helps only every once in awhile. =) I'm also working on toy clean up. I just have to remind myself to be patient and not step in to do it myself.