May 5, 2009

Cold/Flu Season?

My daughter is going on day 11 of her cold, my son is coughing and has a horrible runny nose, my husband was up on Saturday night with a fever of 102, and I have now managed to contract this cold and was in bed most of yesterday. Today, I'm feeling a bit more human. I am thankful we're just dealing with head colds. I can wipe runny noses and nag my children to cover their mouths when they cough, but please don't ask me to wipe up vomit. AH! I am so thankful Rob has taken 2 weeks off of work. He took advantage of a slow period at work and has been working on getting our front deck built up and also cleaning up our front yard. With him being off, it has definitely helped with these illnesses! It couldn't have been planned better.

As well, with this Swine Flu, or H1 N1 Flu, whatever they've decided to call it, I have felt like maybe I should take my children into the walk in clinic. I really don't like to go there though, unless I'm feeling really desperate. Sitting in a doctor's office, with other germs floating around just to be told you have a cold, go home, is not worth it in my mind. It seems our colds tend to last a long time around here. My daughter had a runny nose for most of November last year! Anyway, one day at a time, I guess. We'll reassess how they're doing tomorrow.

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