April 27, 2009

Precious Moments

This is my dear son during one of my favorite times of the day! It's nearly eight a.m. and we just finished snuggling with his bottle under a blanket. He is still small enough to want to do this yet old enough to respond with smiles and giggles.

My daughter is feeling under the weather today. It appears she has come down with a bit of a cold. I am so thankful we have done so well this year with colds and flus, but I still hope this is it before the warmer weather really starts coming. The other day I noticed her eyes and nose gradually looking stuffier and runnier, and by dinnertime she looked miserable. We were sitting at the table with visitors eating supper and she was just picking at her food. Her eyes were heavy and wet. I turned to Rob and said, "I think she needs to go to bed right now," and my daughter turns to me and says in a very pathetic little voice, "Yes... thank you mommy." You know your three-year-old is not feeling well when she thanks you for putting her to bed! My husband is a hero with sick children. I will be blunt and say, this is the part of motherhood I dread. Coming off of afternoon shift he wasn't very tired by 11 pm, so I crawled into bed, exhausted after a good visit with company, and he stayed up to watch some tv and listen for our daughter. He checked on her every time she cried out and checked her temperature and gave her Tylenol. By 1 a.m. (I suppose when he was good and tired, and our daughter had seemed to settle) he crept quietly into bed beside me too.

Good friends/relatives of ours announced the arrival of their baby girl yesterday! The birth of babies never ceases to thrill me. It reminds me of God's good gifts and how miraculous life is. I don't think I will ever grow tired of children being born. It seemed I was excited as the births of our own children. I couldn't even sleep last night, I was so excited for them and in prayer for this new life they're responsible for.

I am finding myself very anxious to meet our new little one, who is only about 11 weeks old in the womb. I find it amazing how early on I am attached to my babies. Even though my pregnancies have been fairly easy and uncomplicated, I have always been super anxious to meet my baby and have the pregnancy part over with. This little one will arrive soon enough, I'm sure. Life gets busier and busier with more children. Praise the Lord for good gifts from above. Giver of Life! Sustainer of my Soul.
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Amanda said...

I love this post. It sounds relaxed, restful and appreciative.

When is your due date? How was your visit with the midwife? It's been so long since we talked...

Karina said...

I am due Nov 12, only 6 short months away. My midwife visit was nice. It was good to see her again and she thrilled to see Wes growing so well. We DO need to talk. Give me a call when you're off work! I'm here. At home. Nursing sick children back to health, I hope. :)

Michael said...

what a cutie pie little boy.
poor sick girly. hope she feels better soon.

Amanda said...

Hi Hi, after work today we're moving a greenhouse and planting artichokes. I've been running off my feet! Will try to give you a call this weekend. xoxo