March 9, 2009

Waiting for Spring....

Snow dusted our backyard and some surrounding trees this morning. Having begun the second week of March, I was hoping to have left the wintry weather behind and start experiencing some warmer temperatures! The birds are singing despite the weather. And I must say, it is rather pleasant to be tapping away on my laptop in my living room, listening to the birdsong and enjoying the sunlight... even if it is filtered through the windowpane.

That is my DD's little wading pool I purchased last summer. For some reason or another, it found a place in that corner of the yard, and has remained there, waiting for a decent burial I suppose. It's one of those blow-up kind, and I think there are probably too many holes to bother repairing. Not to mention, algea that needs cleaning off. Every now and then she will ask me if it's summertime, as she's heard me refer to the pool and it only being good for summer. "It's much too cold, now dear! Wait until summer." I told her over and over in the early winter months.

Where there was once a toilet, is now just a bare space on our porch. My husband has posted it for sale on craiglist for a mere $20. He moved it to the side and gave it a good cleaning. The gas stove you see, (bottom right) is also for sale. It will be so nice to have some of this items gone, as they have littered our back deck for... well, I suppose we're going on two years now. (The stove, that is.)

We continue to wait for Spring on this cool March day. I know it's coming someday. An event, I anticipate with great excitement finally came to be! We went back into daylight savings time. This means it is still bright out at 6:00pm, and it also means our days are just getting longer. More sunlight makes mommy a happy mommy.

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