December 6, 2008

Tot School #4

We made Peanut Butter in the vita-mix this week. That was very fun, and very yummy :)

Daddy has been spending time reading to the children before bed. I borrowed Mike Mulligan from the library and they have been enjoying the stories in that book. He remembers his mom reading it to them when he was young!
DD copies mommy by reading her Bible on the floor in front of the fireplace one morning.
I made these two name plates for DD to practice spelling on. I got the idea from another mom on the Tot School webpage. It seemed a little too easy for her though! She placed all the letters in their correct spots in order the first time! She still enjoyed it though, and we are learning the names of the letters in their names. I might make another one with our phone number on it.
This is our countdown calendar to Christmas that DD and I made. Every morning she pastes another ornament on the calendar.Posted by Picasa

These are advent cookies that mommy baked for us to eat every day leading up to Christmas.

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Michael and Melissa said...

what a productive mommy you are.