October 2, 2008

Thursday's Thanksgivings

The first half of the week has been so nice and sunny and warm! I am so thankful for this weather! My DD loves playing outside, and it's so nice to be able to play under sunny skies.

I am also thankful for traveling safety. My husband came back from a 10-day hunting trip with 10 other guys, and it involved traveling across the province. I am thankful the group was kept safe and especially that they were SUCCESSFUL :) He is away again this weekend for men's retreat with our church, and I am thankful he gets so excited about this time of year EVERY year! As much as I don't really like him gone, I am thankful God has put so many godly role models in his life, and he has this chance to spend time with them.

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Michael and Melissa said...

Karina. Your new blog layout is lovely.
I would love to see the book cover you are helping you friend with one day.