September 22, 2007

Genesis 30-31

Jacob's wives, Rachael and Leah were in constant competition with each other. Rachael failed to trust God and gave Jacob a servant to have children with. Leah also gave Jacob her servant. No wonder this family became so dysfunctional to the point of trying to kill their youngest brother, Joseph!

This story shows what troubles comes when we fail to trust God and we take things into our own hands.

Jacob deceives his father-in-law to somehow get back at him for the wrong Laban did to Jacob. Yes, Jacob was prosperous in material worth, but their family relationships suffer tremendously because of their attitudes and actions.

Clearly, Jacob acted out in deception and greed. God was faithful to the covenant He'd made with Abraham. It was not because of anything Jacob did that God was faithful. It was God's divine choice to be with Jacob and to save him from Laban. Just as the Israelites later. It was not because of how good they were! No, they were pure evil! God's covenant with Abraham was what kept them in the position they were in. Only by that covenant were they God's chosen people. God sent Jesus Christ to be the atoning sacrifice for all mankind's sin. It is not by anything we could ever do to find favor with God! No, only because of the sacrifice and that covenant that god has grace and has saved us from eternal condemnation. God is faithful to keep His promises.

Praise the Lord!

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