September 11, 2007

Be Careful What You Pray For

So, for the past while I've been reflecting on the fact that I don't have many people, or any people, to really witness to. My circle of friends are Christian! And since I've stopped working outside the home, I no longer encounter situations to share my faith, in a verbal sense, or at all! Well, after praying that my husband would be a light in his workplace and sieze opportunities to witness, I also prayed that I would have an opportunity and recognize people who need Jesus too.......

On my walk today I encountered such an experience. Luckily I was with my sister-in-law, so I wasn't alone talking with a stranger. But this person came straight up to us and began a conversation regarding the environment, and "electric cars" specifically. He was rallying people to fight for a common cause... in this case "electric cars" and saving the environment. Anyhow, somehow our conversation deepened, and I couldn't bring myself to tell him to get lost and that we just wanted to walk by ourselves.

This man was searching, and searching hard. He thought it absolutely necessary to learn about all religions and find out which one suited him best. Interesting, since my husband and I had just finished a conversation about that the night before. We decided that besides God telling us, through Romans, that we are to stay away from all other false teachings, if we immerse ourselves in the Bible we will learn what we need to counter false teaching and religion!

It saddened me to see a man with such fervor to make a difference in the world and to bring peace among mankind was looking in all the wrong places. The answer is right under his nose, but he is determined to search out everything first.

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