April 16, 2012


I have always appreciated journaling; I began at a very young age. Journaling has continued throughout most of my life. The only downside of journaling for so many years is, "Where do I keep all of these precious notebooks?" or "Should I keep this any longer at all?"

I have been able to spend some time once in a while flipping through pages of my journals, and they have become a tool of encouragement for me, and sometimes rebuke. I can see what God was teaching me and how He promised from His Word the grace or hope I needed in a particular situation. I can see how He convicted me of past sins, and I also realize if that same sin continues to be an issue in my life today! I can see how His Word provided the appropriate food I needed to give me strength for any given challenge, or even words of praise and worship to offer back to Him.

I found this particular blog post really helpful in setting up my own spiritual journal, and thought I'd share the link if you haven't already found it on your own.

Happy Journaling.

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