March 2, 2012

Baking Adjustment

Those of you who may have read this blog for a while know that I love baking our own bread, especially whole wheat. The other day, I thought it was time to try baking whole wheat bread in Madagascar for the first time. Once it was mixed and rising beautifully (which was very exciting for me as I couldn't get it to rise as well in Quebec for one reason or another) I was just about ready to start heating the oven! Then, the power went out. I probably should have suspected it would happen since it had been quite windy most of the morning. Fortunately the power returned about 15 minutes later so I could start heating my oven.....then it went out again as it was pre-heating. Tempted to throw out my rising loaves, I decided to carefully place them in my freezer and try baking them later when the power would seem a bit more trustworthy. To my surprise, later in the afternoon once the power was back on, I baked them and they turned out almost fine! They hadn't had a chance to completely freeze, but the cold did stop them from rising anymore. I was happy that they didn't deflate while in the freezer too.

So now we are enjoying whole wheat bread this week. Which is a nice treat, since we have been living on artisan breads, which are also nice, but there's something about the rustic-ness of a good whole wheat loaf. :)

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