February 7, 2012

New Country...New House...New Life?

Since December (and my last post) we have moved. Perhaps I could let that be my one and only reason for being absent on this blog. That is the easiest and most obvious reason. However, it wouldn't be true.

We have moved from the West Coast of Canada all the way to Madagascar! We have changed country, climate, home, culture, language.. one might say we have changed lives. Despite all of this outward change, some things remain the same. And I am so thankful. (Not because I am sad to be here... quite the contrary, I am very happy and peaceful to be where God wants us) But I am thankful, because no matter what kind of change we experience certain things continue to be my focus in this season of my life:
  • My Lord, remains as faithful and present as He promises to be
  • My husband, happy to be back at work - still requires my respect, love, and affection
  • My children, are still my children - they still require hugs, kisses, and training and correction
So, here is the thing. My family and I are serving God in Madagascar through MAF, and I am trying to find out how or if this blog should continue. Besides being a personal journal of sorts, I'm not quite certain what purpose it is to serve, if any at all. The heart searching will continue and I may or may not be back to write about life as a mother in Madagascar. 

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Our Father's Heartbeat said...

Hi Karina,

Glad to hear you have arrived safely in Madagascar and life is well with you there. Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog, even if you do not blog often. There is a sincerity and depth to your writing that reveals your heart. If this is your last blog, I just wanted to say thank you!!