September 1, 2011

September Already?!

Growing up, summer always seemed to fly by and not much has changed now that I am older. Summer still goes by far too quickly. But perhaps time is just zooming by in general! Even though summer (my favorite season) comes and goes in a blur, I still looked forward to September. It marks new beginnings. Being homeschooled (and fond of school work) I was anxious to begin new work and I had the opportunity to see some of what my mom was preparing for the new year. September also marked the beginning of weekly Bible Study or AWANA club at church, Youth Group, or Bible Quizzing. Growing up on Vancouver Island, and later living in the lower mainland of BC also meant we were entering nine long months of gray weather. I am excited to experience autumn here in Quebec. I have been told it is a beautiful season, perhaps the favorite among most people here.
As we begin a new season here and changes in weather and activity and perhaps feelings toward things, I am reminded that God never changes. He is the same today, yesterday and forever, and I am so thankful. As quickly as time passes, and things change, I can be sure that God never does, and He is just as loving and forgiving as He has always been.
So, in the hustle and bustle of mothering, being a student, being a teacher (myself) and relocating to another continent, I can rest in Christ and focus on the steadfastness of His love and promises to me.

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