June 19, 2011

STOP Big Changes Ahead

We just returned from visiting my hometown and my family. Even though we managed to see 60 or more people, it was a restful time, believe it or not. So we have said "Good-bye for now" as big changes are ahead for our family. In three short weeks we will make our first move to Quebec, and then after six months of language training, we will carry on to Madagascar. You can follow more of our journeys into ministry overseas at our blog here.

While we were on the island we attended my parents' church. The pastor's sermon really encouraged me because he spoke on the passages where Jesus calls the first disciples and God calling Abraham to leave his country. Only two days before, I read these passages in my personal quiet time.

My mom encouraged me to start keeping track of answers to prayer and confirmations of God's leading in our lives. I have had people encourage me in this way before, but I haven't been very good at it so far. As well, with the arrival of my little one only a month ago, I've been somewhat neglecting regular quiet time. I am thankful for this awakening. And also humbled by God's faithfulness and grace. In my neglect, He still hasn't failed to encourage me through His Word in that time when I DID open it and read.

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