April 5, 2011

This is Tough

Baby number 4 is due to arrive in 6 weeks. And I always seem to forget how taxing the last month or so of pregnancy is on the emotions! Not to mention, along with the arrival of this baby, we are also preparing to sell our house, move across the country, pack belongings into a crate to ship to Madagascar, and settle in for a 6 month crash course in learning French! Oh yeah, and doing this away from the familiarity of our hometown, our extended family, and close friends that we love as family!

As my tummy continues to grow, my comfort level continues to decrease, and my capacity to be somewhat emotionally stable (haha) SEVERELY decreases, we have officially entered what moms of young children call "survival mode". When we are not in the heat of a difficult situation, it is a little easier for me to step back and recognize God's hand as He prepares us for tougher circumstances. (Which I firmly believe don't just come upon missionaries!) Again, I am reminded what He wants from me. My heart; my absolute dependence, and my obedience. As our pastor said from the pulpit a couple of weeks ago (and I cannot quote), life brings suffering. It's pretty simple. Not easy; yet simple. I am just experiencing life right now.

Are you experiencing Life right now?

After publishing this post - I came across another post by Sally Clarkson (Christian author) shared by a friend on Facebook. I just have to post the link, because it really ministered to me, and I hope it might also minister to you.

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