January 17, 2011

p r i o r i t "I" e s

My study on Priorities is due to a series of talks Nancy Leigh DeMoss has on her website ReviveOurHearts.com . If you are interested in listening to them yourself, go to the website and then look for programs that aired the week after Christmas 2010.

I - Identify Time Robbers

There have been several wonderful points brought out in the process of figuring out right priorities. After thinking about making the most of the time we have, it's important to identify those things in our life that our wasting our time. Again, they may not be wrong things in and of themselves, but they may be the wrong for this particular season. What are these "time robbers" that may be keeping us from doing what is truly important now? Identifying them may be easy enough, but elimating them? This is going to need supernatural help from God!

Some suggestions for "time robbers" may be:
Our Children's extracurriculars
Bad attitudes

Now none of these, except the last, are necesarily wrong things, but they can easily clutter life and keep us from doing what is most important at that moment.

Seek God and ask Him what He wants you to be spending your time doing in your season.

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