March 15, 2010

My Girl & the Frog

Daddy and Faith were out in the yard today and came upon this frog. Faith was excited to try and hold him! The frog, of course, quickly hopped away. For some reason, when I saw these pictures her daddy had taken, I thought of fairy tales like the frog prince! :) Need I say more? Faith, being almost four years old, is in this copy-cat phase. She repeats almost every phrase she hears these days! And for some reason or another has  had this odd fascination with the word “died.” Not only has she used it completely out of context, such as “My finger died,” when she hurt it one day. But she has also used the wrong tense of the word. Why all this about the word “died”? Well, tonight, as we were looking at these pictures, she proudly says, “Daddy died the froggy on his boot because they ribbit too much and we don’t like them.” No, we don’t brainwash her……..


Melissa-Ann said...

very cute.
what kind of camera do you use?

Karina said...

We have a Canon Rebel XT Digital SLR