February 1, 2010

Long Winter - Cabin Fever Anyone?

February has now arrived and, if you are at all familiar with West Coast weather in BC, this is about the time when moms with young children are suffering from cabin fever. You wake up to gray skies. The sun has become a distant memory. You go to bed to the sound of rain... more drizzle. We accept the fact that the television is going to be on a little more than usual.

When the thermometer reads barely 10 degrees or above, you decide it must be warm enough to venture out with no coat. Come on, it's practically summer!

Fresh air floating in through an open window never smelled so good after months of being trapped indoors. Being indoors actually starts to feel like a prison... I am exaggerating, of course. But Autumn and Winter seem to run together as one season in these parts. And it makes me yearn even more for Spring and Summer. Long ago were the days where my flip-flops were all I wore on my feet. Long ago were the days where flowy skirts and tank-tops summed up my daily wardrobe.

It is gray outside today. Surprise!
Anything in particular you do to combate the winter blues? (Besides taking a trip to Mexico or Hawaii.) I would love to hear about it.

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