January 28, 2010

My Mom's Bun Recipe

This bun recipe really is amazing. This is not a dinner roll size bun though. These are large enough to be burger buns! They rise better than any other bun recipe I have tried!

4 Cups Warm Water
1 TB Yeast
1/2 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup softened butter/margarine
1 TB White Vinegar
1 TB Salt
9-10 Cups All-purpose Flour

Combine water with sugar and yeast and allow yeast to proof.
In a mixing bowl combine salt, vinegar, softened butter.

Add proofed yeast and water to mixing bowl and add 9 cups of flour. Knead in another cup if required. Form an elastic dough by kneading for approximately 15 minutes, or 7 with a Kitchen Aid mixer or equivalent.

Allow to rise in a warm spot for an hour or until doubled.

Punch down and form into 36 to 40 buns. Place on a greased sheet and allow to rise for another hour.
(If making cinnamon buns, make into three large rectangles, roll and cut each roll into 12 pieces.)

Bake at 325C for 20 to 25 minutes.

Remove from pans immediately and allow to cool.

(For cinnamon bun filling I spread melted margarine on each rectangle and then sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon.) See Cinnamon Buns here.

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Melissa-Ann said...

What kind of pan do you cook your cinnamon buns in?

Karina said...

a glass casserole pan, a 9x13 i think.