December 30, 2009

Reflecting on 2009

Reflecting on 2009 caused me to feel slightly overwhelmed by the number of changes this past year brought: changes around our house in regards to renovations and projects, changes in family size, changes in future plans, changes in our family's focus.

I have a feeling 2010 will bring many more...

Building the deck back in January 2009

1st new addition to our family: Jack

My daughter's 3rd birthday

Finishing the front deckMy prego tummy: about 5 monthsVisiting MAF HQ in the United StatesMy son's 1st birthday while we were at MAF HQLarge trees in our front yard coming down

First of 2 additions being built onto our houseMy prego tummy again: about 8 months here.
Second daughter minutes old!The exavator in the snow :)

Happy New Year 2010 from our family to yours!

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Amanda as a bee said...

Wow it's been quite a year for you. Fun to look back through the photos.

Glad you're all safe and healthy as you approach this new year.