December 17, 2009

Cozy Toque

This toque knits up faster than you'd believe!
I used 4 strands of worsted yarn and huge 9mm knitting needles to make this toque thick and chunky.
The gauge was roughly 1 stitch per square 0.5 inch, so only 50 stitches were cast on to start this toque. I'm wondering if I should make a scarf to match - although I may feel like I'm wearing a carpet around my neck if I do that! :0)


Amanda As A Bee said...

I absolutely love these pictures of yourself. You going to make a pompom for the top?

Melissa-Ann said...

I LOVE IT! Boy you look so cute!!
I will have to try that. Can you explain what the pattern would be?
or email it to me.
Also, What machine do you use to make your bread? if you use one. I have been using my huge metal bowl for years but Im thinkng about a machine. not sure yet.

Karina said...

I use the KitchenAid stand-up mixer, the professional model with the metal dough hook. I think mine is the 6qt bowl. I LOVE it. It has had soooooooo much use over our married years so far. I can make 2 loaves of whole wheat bread in it comfortably. Any more than that and it doesn't knead too well. Though I have done 4! I would highly recommend this machine. If you were wanting to make more loaves at once on a regular basis, I would go with a Bosch mixer. My mom has one of those and she can easily make 4 - 6 loaves in hers. Although, she has said it is a little more difficult to clean than mine.

Melissa-Ann said...

hmm, yes. My mum has had a Bosch for 15 years. She keeps telling me to get one., I always do 4 loaves,( whole Spelt) at once. so I would need something bigger than he K. A one I think.

Melissa-Ann said...

oops, and thanks for the knitting instructions.