November 19, 2009

My Favorite Knitting Pattern

My favorite knit pattern so far is this little infant hoodie. It is the perfect little sweater to dress up your newborn or young infant underneath their blanket for a quick outing. It also makes the plainest sleepers look dressed up!
It knits up so quickly, and believe it or not, is pretty simple too!

The entire sweater, except for the hood, is knit as one piece, the seams under the arms are sewn up, and then the hood is knit separately and attached.

Now - I didn't actually knit the sweater in the photograph. My grandmother knit it for my newest addition. All of the baby sweaters I have knit, I have given away.

Pictured below is the sweater I am currently working on, which will end up fitting a young toddler.

I have the pattern and can e-mail it via .pdf file if interested.

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