June 2, 2009

Growing Up Boys

All night long last night, I dreamed of rules and boys and authority. This morning my heart is burdened to pray fervently for wisdom to know how to raise my son: wisdom for both Rob and me! How do we raise him to respect authority? To implement rules in his life (for safety's sake, and to teach him consideration of others) without pushing him to rebel later on?

I see sons around me (and this was also true in my husband's life as a teen) completely turn their backs on their parents' teaching. I see them despising authority, wanting complete freedom without accountability. These are boys that have been raised with knowledge of the Bible, knowledge of the power of God, and I would say even good examples of Christian living in their homes.

Oh Lord, please give me wisdom!

I would love it if you would share your thoughts or burdens with me on this issue. Let's pray together that God would give us wisdom to raise our sons to be men of God, to desire to do His will in their lives, to raise up godly families, and to bring all glory to God.


Michael said...

I have also wondered on these things.

Anonymous said...

If your children see you and Rob showing respect for each other and authority, they will follow.