May 13, 2009

Moving Along

We had our first formal interview with MAF this morning over SKYPE. The Canadian base is located in Ontario and they usually like to do the interviews in person or else by webcam. Because neither they nor we were not here nor there we opted for the webcam interview and it went very well. I can see how it would have been nicer and more personable to be in person, but I think the webcam was definitely superior to a phone call. The interview was 2 and 1/2 hours long! Which surprised me at first when I read the email and it said what they usually estimated for time. It went by surprisingly quickly, and because of all the things we talked about, and only briefly, it didn't take long to fill 2 and 1/2 hours. The interview went very well. Both Rob and I feel like this is actually moving along now. Even though we are still in early stages of this process, we were given the feeling that unless something comes in our lives to stop this from happening MAF saw no reason at this point to not continue with the process and with this direction. The application process ends with a 2 week training period in Ontario at the MAF headquarters and they do 2 of these training sessions per year: the first being in May, next week actually, and the second in October. Because I am due with our third child in early November we probably will not consider going this Fall. This gives us more time to finish up renovations on our house, take a couple of Bible courses, and also continue thinking and praying about this. This means if we continue on and end up attending the training, it wouldn't be until May of 2010, after such time Rob would quit his job and we would start raising support full time. Lord willing, we may be on the field as early as February or May of 2011.

Having the interview, and discussing different aspects of our backgrounds and how God has led us together as a couple and where He seems to be leading us now, has really brought a sense of reality to this idea. If this makes any sense, before it kind of felt like we were just talking about the idea and perhaps trying to get a sense of what other people we trusted thought about it. Now it feels more real, as though it's something God is really leading us in. Now we are being faced with the question, if God keeps opening doors are we going to be obedient and walk through them?

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sounds like fun!