May 9, 2009

"Colds BE GONE! I've Had Enough"

This morning I woke up at 5:45 telling Rob that I will go to the doctor today. I was coughing like crazy and, being so conjested, I could hardly breath. Both children are slowly recovering... and I mean slowly. My daughter is now on Day 15, still has a runny nose. Now that I'm up and about, I don't think we will go to the doctor today. I do feel a bit better than yesterday. I think I went through an entire roll of toilet paper on my nose over the past 2 days. My poor son won't let me get near his nose. There are tiny little scrapes at the end of his nose from getting wiped so many times. Ah! Fortunately, my husband is still fine! That fever he had last Saturday night must have been it for him. Perhaps it burnt all the germs up inside.

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MaggieBrown said...

I just found this video on You Tube that really shows how germs and viruses spread. It is so cool. It's meant for kids but I even learned a lot!