March 5, 2009

Snail Mail Is Fun

With the speed and convenience of internet and e-mail, snail mail becomes much more meaningful! Plus, you can't exactly send 'item's through the internet.

My friend at As a Bee has recently taken an interest in cheese making, and she mailed me my own little cheese making kit! I was thrilled to receive that in my mailbox on Tuesday. I have yet to make the cheese because I still need to buy milk and citric acid. But I am anxiously anticipating the day when my family has homemade mozzerella melting in their mouths. :)

If that wasn't exciting enough, yesterday I discovered a new cookbook in my mailbox! I wasn't expecting it to arrive until tomorrow.

This is a different kind of cookbook, in that it has 7 weeks worth of dinner plans. I have always planned our family's dinners week by week, so this concept of meal planning isn't exactly brand new. However, I was feeling in the mood for a change. New recipes and ideas are always nice to get my hands on, and grocery shopping can be downright dull when you're buying the same old same old week after week.

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