March 19, 2009

My Kids' Father

I have neglected my Thursday Thanksgivings for too long! And tonight, as I sat down to try and figure out what I was supposed to blog about, only one thing seemed to trump every other possibility.

My kids' father. First of all, I am so thankful that my husband had two beautiful children with me. I don't affirm his amazing fatherly ways with them as often as I should! He is so patient and steady. When I am about to throw in the towel in regards to another need to implement discipline, he's right there, stepping up to the plate himself.

I am so thankful for his handyness. Our daughter is too young to really help him with anything, but during the sunnier months, he loved having her by his side in the yard or the garage, just toodling around him and watching him work. I would often look outside to find her standing near him holding out a wrench or trying to stick a screw into a hole herself.

I am so thankful that my husband enjoys me throwing the children into bed with him in the mornings after he's slept in. They lie there under the covers and cuddle together until the kids become restless and start squirming too much. Usually, it ends with someone getting a tickle attack.

I am so thankful my husband spends time talking; talking with me, and talking with our daughter. Dear son isn't quite there yet. Hubby and I have had many late night conversations about our children and how they're doing. Times of reflection and examination. I am equally thankful my husband spends time thinking. He isn't quick to answer sometimes; and I know, at those times he is thinking it through.


Amanda said...

I'm glad your husband is what you need.:)

Karina said...

I believe this is a prompt for another post. Thx manda. For another day :)