March 10, 2009

Another Frigid a.m.

Yes, it's 8:00 am and -8 degrees outside. Did I mention it's March 10th and I thought Spring was just around the corner?

Since the time change over the weekend we haven't changed the timer on our thermostat inside our house. Which means, it's just begun to heat up when we get up, instead of being warmed already. I guess I should adjust it one of these days.

My children are playing together on the floor. DS is giggling and laughing at DD's antics. I love hearing them giggle at each other. It must be the most wonderful sound to a mother's ears! Of course, playing together usually follows with mommy saying, "Be Careful! Don't pull his arms like that. Don't stick your feet in his face! He doesn't like that!"

Today's agenda is looking basically similar to most days. Except the children and I will venture out into this sunny COLD weather in search of a wedding shower gift for a lady at our church. Hubby took a sick day from work. He has caught the latest cold that has been circulating. Not surprising, since many of the men at his work have been off sick over the past month or two.
Another slow cooker recipe and tip! We enjoy steel cut oats just about every morning! I cook them in my slow cooker overnight so my hubby can grab a bowl full on his way to work and it's still nice and warm for us when we emerge from our rooms. I don't think I'd eat porrige as often if it wasn't warm and waiting for me like this. Warm and satisfying :)

Slow Cooked Steel Cut Oats

1 C Steel Cut Oats
2 C water
Set on "Warm" before bed.

You may have to experiment with your slow cooker. I find if I set it on Low, the oats go crusty by the morning. It's just too hot. Every slow cooker is different though.

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Amanda said...

Oo I may have to try this. I don't have a "warm" setting on my spiffy 1970's crockpot. Do you have any suggestions on what to do if you only have a "Low" and a "high" setting?