February 28, 2009

In Honor of the Slow Cooker

My Slow Cooker or Crock Pot, has been an invaluable appliance in my kitchen! When I was working full time, and now as a stay-at-home mom, my slow cooker can usually be found in the kitchen simmering something. I decided I just have to share some of its recipes and wonderful uses. Slow Cooking is not just limited to chili's, roasts, and soups! Have you ever tried a slow cooked banana bread, or chocolate fudge pudding? What about waking up in the morning to slow cooked porridge? Don't forget cooking dried beans. Using dried beans instead of buying cans of beans is a lot more economic; plus you can rest assured your food won't have any additives or preservatives.
I just recently purchased Crock Pot's newest VersaWare slow cooker. I LOVE this crock pot because I can use the stoneware on my stovetop to brown ground beef or do any sauteeing the recipe might call for!! No more dirtying multiple pots and pans! This is truly a one-pot wonder.

Some advantages when it comes to using a slow cooker:
  • Frees you up during 'dinner' hour (one of the worst hours of the day with small children in tow)
  • Lunch/Dinner is ready when you walk in the door after church
  • Breakfast can be hot and ready as soon as you get up
  • The slow cooker needs virtually no tending while it cooks, freeing you up to do other chores or recipes
  • The slow cooker will tenderize less expensive, tough cuts of meat and make great stews out of them
  • The slow cooker allows you to be out of the kitchen for extended periods of time -sometimes even all day
  • It is low in electricity costs since it only uses a minimum amount of heat
  • It keeps the food warm and ready to serve anytime since the crock pot is made up of ceramic or porcelain
  • Unlike boiling, you only need a few cups of water for cooking foods in a crock pot

I'd love to hear some of your slow cooking experiences, the pros and cons, how it has made your life in the kitchen simpler?

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Amanda said...

Hi You, I have a little slow cooker made in the 70's. It's fitted with all the mustard yellow, pumpkin orange colouring you can ever desire. It is porcelain and a multi-generational wonder. We use it to make yoghurt, Easy-Cheesy Chicken and Fondue Stew. Have you already posted your chili recipe? Cheers