June 29, 2007

James 1:9-11 ~ June 29, 2007

I am reminded that we are to store up treasures in heaven. The poor man on earth is actually spiritually wealthy (Christian poor people). I think of the African Christians who are really living from meal to meal, trusting God for everything. They are rich! They have learned to put God in that #1 position in their lives. They look forward to heaven because the world offers them nothing of true importance. The sick Buseko orphans in Zambia ask the caregivers when they get to see Jesus. Surely these people are focused on the only thing that will last.

For the wealthy person, placing God first is hard. They quickly forget that it was God who allowed them to be rich. Trusting God daily doesn't become required...it's sort of optional. The wealthy man doesn't long for heaven like the African. He is enjoying the worldly life and has difficulty remembering how much better Jesus' kingdom will be.

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