November 8, 2006

Rain (Dictated by my 9 year old sister)

I hate rain. It's wet and if there was rain, i would have to go outside all soaking wet cuz my mommy and daddy won't let me get an umbrella. and that's not fair because everybody has an umbrella except for me. The last tiem i went outside in the rain, my brother had an umbrella and all i had was a coat. i ran into branches and then when i walked into the house, i looked in the mirror, and i was soaking wet. my hair was soaking wet and i had a cold. when i ran into the branches i got cuts. one on my chin. and my neck. that's it.

the rain was gray and it rained very hard. the sky was black, and i thought there was going to be a thunder storm. the backyard was all muddy and the swing was filthy. right under the swing was slippery. i kept on slipping on the stairs. when it stopped raining i went outside with the dog and i played iwth her. it got cold and then it started to rain again. i went inside so i wouldn't get soaking wet. i looked out my window and it was spitting. it rained for four days. every night it stopped, and every morning it started up again. when i get out of bed at 10:00 everyday it started to rain.

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