November 17, 2006

Hero - Sunday Scribblings #34

According to Webster's dictionary, the word "hero" includes the following definition: 'a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities.' I would have to say that I admire older "seasoned" mothers whose children are loving and obedient. Without placing them on a "pedestal" and being completely ignorant of these mothers' weaknesses and faults, I admire their dedication and persistance as they have worked diligently at loving and raising their children to be responsible adults, full of motivation and a love for life.

May I be that kind of mother to my children as they grow, and I grow with them!


Bug said...

It's funny--your post reminds me of mine only because of the words mother and pedestal. Mine is much darker.

But you've got a great goal! Good luck!

AnnieElf said...

With a desire like this, you will get there. I did and have two great adult humans to show for it. Give them a long leash to explore, a safety net for hard landings, and they will have the perfect mom and grow strong.

Anonymous said...

Yes. As they grow, we grow, too. Motherhood is a journey, full of learning opportunities, and children can be our greatest teachers!

PtCakes said...

After 14 plus, and counting, years of parenting I have found out I learn more from my children than they learn from me.